Number of Issues 55
Number of Articles 525
Number of Contributors 659
Article View 169,501
PDF Download 92,573
View Per Article 322.86
PDF Download Per Article 176.33
Number of Submissions 1,531
Rejected Submissions 887
Reject Rate 58
Accepted Submissions 526
Acceptance Rate 34
Average number of weeks between article submission & publication 24
Number of Indexing Databases 6

The Journal of Agricultural Economics & Development has been publishing quarterly since 2007 (4 issues per year).

This journal welcomes valuable research papers by researchers in various fields of agricultural economics, including agricultural marketing and agribusiness management, agricultural policy and development, natural resource economics, and environmental economics. 

In this journal, articles can be reviewed in types of Research and in two languages: Persian or English.

Current Issue: Volume 36, Issue 4 - Serial Number 57, February 2023, Pages 337-445 

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